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Please ask for an appointment. Emergency cases, patients with acute pain, school and work accidents are treated at any time.


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Some handy answers to the questions you may have.

Before every surgical intervention, patients are concerned with a number of questions regarding both the surgery itself and the pre- and postoperative procedure. Here you can find the most important questions and answers. Of course, the physicians and their team will be glad to answer any additional questions you may have.


Outpatient or inpatient surgery?

Nowadays many operations can be performed in an outpatient setting. Whether this is reasonable depends on many individual factors such as the patient's overall health situation and possible additional illnesses. In a preliminary informative meeting, your surgeon will discuss with you whether outpatient surgery is recommendable in your individual case.

If during this meeting it should turn out that inpatient treatment is more advisable for whatever reason, we will be glad to help you find a specialised hospital and schedule an appointment.


Why undergo outpatient surgery?

First of all, it is important that you and your general practitioner choose a surgeon you trust. This surgeon will be your permanent contact person, from the first informative talk to the operation and post-operative treatment. Unlike in large hospitals, this physician or contact person will not change. As with any other surgery, we will perform outpatient surgery in line with the latest, state-of-the-art surgical and anaesthetic techniques. In addition, we will carefully select the type of intervention and anaesthesia that best fits your individual needs. All interventions are at all times performed under clinical conditions in compliance with specialised medical standards. And most importantly, you will personally know your surgeon.

Outpatient surgery means that you won’t be torn out of your home environment. Instead, you can return home after the operation and recover in your familiar surroundings under the follow-up care of your general practitioner and surgeon.