Before the surgical intervention

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to keep the appointment for your operation, please ring us up as early as possible to give us the opportunity to fill the appointment with another patient. The arm/leg subject to the operation must be free of fresh wounds or encrusted skin lesions. With an infection or a fresh or encrusted skin lesion, the surgical intervention cannot be performed. Therefore – in particular before hand surgical interventions – we would ask you to please abstain from manual work with increased risk of injury, e.g. gardening. Be careful when dealing with pets to avoid scratches or small bite wounds.

In the case of general or purulent infections, the surgical intervention should be postponed because of the entailing general weakening of the immune system. Seven days before the scheduled intervention you must stop taking blood-thinning medication such as Aspirin®, ASS 100®, Plavix® etc., as well as any drugs containing aspirin (like Thomapyrin®). Patients on Marcumar® must consult their surgeon and general practitioner or specialist for Internal Medicine to bring their Quick/INR value into the normal range. Please contact us if you are in doubt. Prior to surgical interventions under general anaesthesia you must not eat, drink or smoke for a certain agreed amount of time (as a rule 6 hours before the scheduled intervention).

For an intervention performed under local/regional anaesthesia, you can bring along a walkman, discman or MP3 player to listen to music of your choice during the operation. For your own safety, please leave jewellery, valuables and larger sums of cash at home. Before the intervention all jewellery (wristlets, rings, etc.) must be removed from the extremity that is going to be subject to the operation.