After the surgical intervention

The length of your stay in our practice after the intervention depends mostly on the anaesthetics administered. Regardless of the type of anaesthesia, you will have to plan how to get home safely after a surgical intervention because of the medication administered (including local anaesthesia). Under no circumstances may you drive a vehicle. Especially after general anaesthesia you will not be able to walk home or use public transport alone. It is therefore advisable that you ask a friend or relative to accompany you home.

The effects of local and regional anaesthesia can linger on for hours, reducing or eliminating the sensation of pain, so that there is an increased risk of injury with regard to the affected limb. Please avoid contact with hot, pointed or sharp objects. Even a cigarette can cause serious local burns.

After your surgical intervention you will be given an emergency telephone number so that you can contact your surgeon or anaesthetist if necessary.